Saturday, July 27, 2013

Peter's Video - Peter Refuses to Stay on the Floor

Tamed pet rats tend to run to you if they get on the floor.

In Peter's case, he really does not want to be on the floor.  Although he's become a bossy rat with his buddies, he can still be nervous and wimpy.  In this video, he's not freaking out rather he wants to be with his human and not on the unknown floor.

By the way, Walter (Walternate) of yesterday's video figured out how to get off the bed or the couch and just loves exploring the floor of the house.  Sigh, now, Walternate requires constant supervision when he's out of the cage.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Walter Eating Chocolate Chips

Here's Walter enjoying a couple of chocolate chips.

First, chocolate chips are safe for rats.  They can even be beneficial for rats with pulmonary issues as chocolate is a bronchodilator.

Second, I must apologize for the obnoxious sound.  Our ceiling fan is too noisy.

By the way, this is our new Walter.  Our other Walter passed away of his old age complicated by obesity.

This is Walter Bishop of "Fringe" fame.  He takes after the original Walter in many ways.  He has similar coloring.  He's also quite stocky with cute little jowls, but his weight hasn't ballooned like the original Walter's did.  He loves his food like original Walter as you can see from the video.  But, he also loves to exercise, and he's currently our only rat that requires constant supervision when out of the cage because he's more than happy to explore the floor.