Friday, May 31, 2013

An Awesome Sewing Blog That I Just Have To Share

Nall is a Spanish Sewing Blog. I've been following her because her blog combines two of my interests:  sewing and my desire to learn Spanish.  She's amazingly creative, and she posts daily.

Today's blog post is about a little play tent she made for her kids.  And, it is just too darling and she' even appliqued a rat with his rat hole.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cool news story about Mars and a Rat

I just had to share this story.  This is from Fox News, and it's about a photo of Mars (from NASA) purported to show a "rat".  

Just a neat photo.  But, I am a bit surprised that they didn't decide to call it a "squirrel."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's that?

That is Doctor imitating an orange.  He, apparently, made a wrong turn when he was sneaking into his stash of pepitas.  Doc loves his pepitas.

Success.  He found his way to the right bag.  Here, he enjoys nibbling on his pepitas.

He's my only rat with a passion for pepitas, and we've been keeping a little bag of pepitas on the counter over the couch where the rats play.  Doc frequently finagles his way up to the bag, knocks it down, spills it.  He's always making a mess with his pepitas.  But, the other rats leave the pepitas alone.

By the way, orange rinds are another of the rare foods that you don't want to feed to rats, specifically male rats.  Orange rind contains a carcinogen, d-limonene, which is a problem for male rats, but not female.  Here's a post about that at RMCA.

And, if anyone is wondering, no, he did not nibble on the oranges.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi There, I'm Peter.

This is Peter in his favorite spot, between the pillows of the couch.  He's a tad odd.  Seriously, he's essentially propped there in a biped position.  He's enjoying a banana yogie.  mmmmmmmmmmm

Peter is one of our new rats.  Our other new rat is Walternate.  If you know my rats, yes, sadly, our original Walter passed away from old age.  This past winter has been tough for our rats.  We had a lot of losses.  Many of our rats had a few years on them and died of old age.  It's hard for me to blog about rats going to ratty heaven, so instead you get to hear about our new rats.

Peter and Walternate, continuing our tradition of naming rats after TV shows, are named after Peter and Walternate "Walter" Bishop.  "Fringe" is a SciFi show and occurs in at least 2 different alternate universes.  The primary characters call the Walter character from the alternate universe, "Walternate" which we thought was perfect for our new rat.