Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome Sam and Dean

This weekend we adopted 2 baby rats from Mainely Rat Rescue. They are awesome. Mainely Rat Rescue handles rat rescues for New England and New York state and apparently also eastern Canada. Our two new rats are Canadian immigrants/imports.
I found out from their adoption coordinator that MRR (Mainely Rat Rescue) has adopted out 1500 rats in their five years of operation, and during this last year, they adopted out 800 rats. Of course, they only work with pet rats not wild. And amazingly, they do all of this without an actual physical shelter. They have 50 foster homes spread out over New England and New York.
So, here's Sam and Dean...
Sam is a beige, standard ear and coat variegated berkshire neutered male. He's going to eventually be a dominant boy. Over the past couple of days he's been learning to play nice with the full grown girls who are his size but the girls age and experience has been leaving the girls on the winning side of their dominance discussions. It's hard to believe that he had the audacity to even discuss dominance with my little girls. Today, he met Walter who is over four times bigger than him. It was so funny, because Sam was so very very sweet to the monster of a rat that Walter is.

And, his buddy,Dean is a blue split-capped standard ear and coat neutered male. Dean's likely going to end up being nicknamed Flash; he moves so very fast. He's an absolute sweety and has been extremely polite to all of my other rats.

They are, of course, named after the stars of the TV show, Supernatural.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Pieced Striped Hammock

Boy, the unintended outcomes aka "mistakes" that haunted this particular project. Well, I learned a lot. And, amazingly, I have some pretty hammocks, too. They just don't all look like what I intended.

First, don't follow my written instructions because I did my math wrong.

Second, if you don't apply the borders in the proper order, the hammock loses the "framed" appearance and is just a series of stripes.

This hammock was pieced as intended.

This was NOT what I intended. Still, a pretty hammock.

Why do I have a toy mouse standing on my hammock?

Because these are my photos for Ebay, and one must always have a cuteTy beaniebaby in order to demonstrate size. LOL.

I plan to also sell on Etsy. And, hopefully, I will have a couple of auctions up and running in the next couple of days.
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