Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hi There, I'm Peter.

This is Peter in his favorite spot, between the pillows of the couch.  He's a tad odd.  Seriously, he's essentially propped there in a biped position.  He's enjoying a banana yogie.  mmmmmmmmmmm

Peter is one of our new rats.  Our other new rat is Walternate.  If you know my rats, yes, sadly, our original Walter passed away from old age.  This past winter has been tough for our rats.  We had a lot of losses.  Many of our rats had a few years on them and died of old age.  It's hard for me to blog about rats going to ratty heaven, so instead you get to hear about our new rats.

Peter and Walternate, continuing our tradition of naming rats after TV shows, are named after Peter and Walternate "Walter" Bishop.  "Fringe" is a SciFi show and occurs in at least 2 different alternate universes.  The primary characters call the Walter character from the alternate universe, "Walternate" which we thought was perfect for our new rat.

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