Thursday, March 8, 2012


Wowzers, I guess we have been busy. As Patches bounced back so beautifully from surgery, we noticed that Rose had a bump on her rump. Thinking it was an abscess which the vet thought it was too, Rose had an I&D aka incision and drainage. But, no pus. How bizarre that it is a bad thing that there was no pus. Instead, just tissue. Our vet closed her up after she took out as much as she could, but the mass had entwined around poor Rose's vagina, so our vet was thinking fibrosarcoma, aka cancer.

Rose bounced back faster from the surgery than even Patches, and lo and behold, the biopsy report says fibroadenoma. Rose does not have cancer. Shock.

So, now, both Patches and Rose need to return to the vet and have their operations completed. sigh.

Rose, post surgery. I do have pictures of her rump, but that's so undignified for a lady rat.

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