Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rainbow Bridge - Rose

Rose as a baby. She's the beige hooded. She, later, became a Siamese.

Rose passed in her sleep last night after a prolonged battle with pneumonia, the same pneumonia that troubled Mabel. Despite hand feeding and antibiotics and theophylline, Rose just did not gain weight, and our vet had cautioned us that she was just not going to recover.

Sweet Rose doing what she loved, hanging out in a sleeve.

Rose with her sister, Martha.

Rose was always a shy rat, and she had struggled with skin irritation and a breast lump. Since we'd switched to a wheat free diet, she'd been much more assertive and active and her rash improved, but then, the pneumonia.

She will be joining Curly, Doctor #1, and Gwen at the rainbow bridge.

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