Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dean, Our Cuddle Rat

Here's Dean being all cuddly.

You haven't seen a lot of Dean because we've been struggling to treat a skin rash of his.  And, finally success.  After multiple oral antibiotic courses, a skin scraping, etc, we finally used something that worked.

My vet was attributing his rash to an allergy.  I'm thinking he must have had a secondary bacterial infection resistant to the antibiotics he was taking on top of the allergy.  Anyways, what worked you might ask. (I am not implying that my vet didn't think the rash was infected, but rather that she thought the ongoing issue was an allergy.)

Well, the first treatment that showed some improvement was brushing him using a toothbrush saturated in chlorhexidine solution.  But, that particularly solution was going to take daily treatments and we would miss a few days and lose ground against his rash.

When we ran out of the solution the vet gave us, I bought Hibiclens which should have been the same concentration of chlorhexidine (we ran it by the vet), but it was red and the solution our vet gave us was blue.  Anyways, this stuff was potent against his rash.  We only treated him 2 or 3 times.  The red stuff was much more sticky and stayed on his fur for longer than 24 hours.  I'm wondering if the vet watered down the stuff that she gave us.

We are now a few weeks post treatment, and Dean's skin continues to improve.  He has a lot of bald spots, but I expect that time will cure that.

I guess the Hibiclens, which is a topical antiseptic and antimicrobial was able to kill the bacteria that the oral antibiotics weren't able to kill.

He's always liked to cuddle, but rubbing him used to make his scabs bleed.  Yeah, it was bad.  Now, he can cuddle and be petted to his heart's content.

I'm also thrilled that Sam's much milder rash responded well, too because Sam was much more irritable from his skin condition, and now, Sam is happy go lucky with his skin not bothering him.

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