Friday, April 19, 2013

Snapped the 66 belt

During the move, my Singer 66's belt snapped.  The snapped one is on the right.

According to the owner of the  most awesome sewing machine repair store, Stitch in Time, my original belt was a temporary belt.  It is more flexible and is what someone would buy if they weren't sure what would fit. The new, intact belt is essentially "original" for my Singer 66.   Since my machine is from the 1920s, I find it a bit odd to speak of "original" item when it's obvious that the item is brand spanking new.

I'd thought that I should have detached the belt when I moved, but Paul, the store's owner,  attributed the breakage to the weakness of the belt itself.

Anyways, I just wanted to mention how awesome this sewing machine repair / vacuum / home decorating store is.  By the way, the branch of the store that I frequent is a bit of a quilting / fabric store, too.  They could easily ask me to bring in my machine so that their on site (the other branch of the store) sewing machine repair guy could repair my machine.  But, instead, they have always helped me, step by step, repair my machines myself.  Their customer service is SUPERB.

So, I should be sewing today.  If not, I shall have to unpack my modern Janome to get some sewing done.

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