Thursday, July 31, 2014

Turquoise hammock

Well, I'm going to try to get back into blogging.

I've been making a lot of hammocks.  And, yet, I rarely post pictures.  Sigh.

Here's one of my current projects in progress.

This is a 10 inch crazy quilt hammock for a hamster.  I'm quite pleased with the unexpected Asian flavor.

The squares of this hammock are actually sewn onto fleece.  It was a bit of a challenge arranging the fabrics.  It would have been a lot easier if I had had one or two more fabrics.  As it was, I was trying to avoid abutting the two black fabrics.  And, of course, avoiding having the same fabric abutting was important and tough.  There are actually a few places where I allowed a doubling up of the fabrics, but those instances, I think, just add to the craziness.

So, I've already turned the hammock inside out, and you can see that the turning hole is still open on the right side.

Now, to close up the hammock and quilt.  I'm thinking of doing a squared off spiral for the quilting.


  1. What a beautiful one!!!! I love the splash of colors and how exotic it is!

    1. Hi Stormy...Yes, this one definitely surprised me with being prettier than I expected. I'd been wanting to use those black background fabrics for awhile now, and I think they are giving this hammock an extra zing.

      I really need to post more of my hammocks that I make. I have another one that has a completely different flavor, but if all goes well, it's going to be another stunner.

      Hmmm, Maybe I should post it's front as a sneak preview.