Monday, April 23, 2012


We've been out letterboxing a few times, now that Spring has sprung.
Skip, the human, is replacing the letterbox as Bittle looks on. Bittle and I are sitting on a rock that is on the cliff's edge.

This is the rock.

This is the view. The cliff looks truncated in the photo. We had to hike a very very steep trail to get there.

What is letterboxing? Essentially, you follow a set of clues to a destination where you will find a "box" (letterbox) hidden. Typically, inside the box will be a logbook and a stamp, often a handmade stamp. You record your visit in the logbook using your own stamp that you brought with you. You use the box's stamp to stamp your own book that you brought with you. Then, you tuck the box back in its hiding spot so another letterboxer can find it. You obtain the clues from a website.
Letterboxing is an awesome hobby. It gets us out exploring the outdoors. And, if you have heard of geocaching, it is similar, but you don't exchange items. The content of a letterbox does not change except for your addition to the logbook. Oh, and a letterbox is located by clues not a gps.
Atlasquest- a letterboxing website
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