Monday, April 30, 2012

More Quilted Hammocks in Progress

Here's some more quilted hammocks.

These are just the pieced tops, and I anticipate finishing them tonight.

My last set was about 8 inches square, and these are 11 1/2 inches square which makes them a more standard size for rats.

These are simpler to piece, and I used a border. In true quilting, one would have a front pieced piece, a backing and batting (aka stuffing). My hammocks will be made with the pieced front and a fleece back but no stuffing.

Typically, one would quilt the 3 layers together and then finish off the edge with binding, but these are so small, the risk of quilting in a wrinkle is minuscule, so I will be sewing the two pieces together. Turning it inside out and then quilting the finished piece.

Oh, Skip is going to grommet these. No ribbon hangers for these.

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