Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pumpkin 2012 Finale

Well, a bit of a hurricane delayed this post.  Not having power for 7 days can do that, and then, I kept putting off posting the pics, but without further adieu.  Here they are.
 Although it may take them a few days, they do a very good job of cleaning out the inside and carving their pumpkin.
 Here's their sky light.
 The bottom was starting to collapse.
 View through the front door showing the collapsing floor.
 Another view through the front door.
And, this shows how well they clean out the inside of a pumpkin.

We got this pumpkin at the grocery store, and it did not last as well as previous pumpkins which we picked out at pumpkin farms.  So, next year, we will have to do a U-pick pumpkin.

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