Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Survived Hurricane Sandy

Just wanted to let my readers know that Hurricane Sandy cut our power for 6 days.  We've been just getting back to usual here.  Indeed, we restricted the rats to just one section of the Critter Nation, and we still need to open up the bottom half.  I'm sure they will really enjoy having their whole cage to play within.

I was able to keep up with Etsy and Ebay during the power outage, but I depend on my laptop for Blogger, so unfortunately, my blogging went by the wayside because my laptop's battery is shot, and it needs to be plugged in to work.  Therefore, no blogging when we had no power.

Figuring out how to blog when I lack a consistent power source is now on my to do list.

And, I have lots of blog post ideas stored up, including the final 2012 pumpkin post.

Our area had extensive damage to power lines from wind especially from trees falling on lines.  Most of the trees were old thick pine trees.  Initially, our town had 98% power loss.

This we drove under, but were blocked just a few feet farther by a tree with power lines across the road.

We believe this was the tree that kept us from getting power for 6 days.
Here's a close-up on Day 5 of Bittle demonstrating the thickness of the tree hanging on our power lines.  Bittle is 2 1/2 feet tall from the ground to the top of her head.
Here's the tree trunk remnant.
Bittle enjoying an MRE.  These actually were awesome.  We were able to have a warm meal at home during this stressful time, and I didn't have to break out the camp stove.  And, Bittle enjoyed licking the packets.

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