Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Winner Of Petco's 2013 Halloween Scene Contest Is A......Rat

Oh, wow.  Isn't that an amazing photo?  The little rat won the grand prize.  Check out the other winners at the Petco's Facebook page.  As is to be expected there is a bit of nasty comments about the rat, but surprising not much of the typical.  Most of it is people who know nothing about rats presuming that the rat is stuffed or is a mouse, etc.  So, in the end, hopefully, people will learn about how awesome pet rats actually are.

This does get me thinking that I should do this next year, but I must say this photo puts a very high bar to compete against.


  1. Wow, this is a cool picture, but how do the rats feel about being dressed up? I always wonder if animals really like being dressed up, even the ones that tolerate it.

    1. I can't know for sure what the rat thinks about dressing up. But, one thing is for sure. This rat trusts her owner implicitly. Otherwise, the rat would never have worn the outfit in the first place. Also, rats are big into grooming. And, frequently, they get into disagreements with each other over grooming, seemingly getting upset that their hair is being pulled. Nevertheless, rats frequently hold each other down for grooming. My guess is that this rat experiences wearing clothing as grooming, a social activity. And, she doesn't see it as over grooming or she would be complaining.