Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Week in the Critter Nation - Home made Cardboard Palace

Top story of the critter nation this week includes a handmade cardboard contraption... um ... palace.  I just cut slits in cardboard and slid the parts together.

 Here's a little surprise.  That's Stan peeking out.  He's our new rat, fastest intro ever.  Everyone loves Stan.
 The cardboard "palace" includes an upstairs and if Philip's whiskers weren't photobombing.....
Here's Peter hanging out in the second level of the palace without Philip's whiskers obscuring things.
The Critter Nation's downstairs are somewhat boring.  We still have the ark out, which they absolutely love.

I really need to do some new liners.  Our current liner collection is getting quite holey.


  1. I love seeing their cage set ups! I saw these posts awhile back (I get the email whenever you post) but have to go back later to leave comments when I finally ever get on my old slow laptop.

    1. We've been pretty lazy with our cage set ups recently, as I desperately need to finish sewing up their new liners. But, hopefully, I will do a fancy holiday season. The hubby was looking at the "rat safe" snow at the fabric store this weekend. So, hopefully....

      And, I'm thrilled that you're getting email updates. I'm really trying to get to the bottom of the issue with commenting, but I think sadly it may just be the blog platform that I'm using.