Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Rats

My home is now infested with rats. Ok. They are friendly, and we, um, actually bought them.

It all started with Skip wanting to get a hamster, and I was like, "No way, that will just be more mess and I don't want a hamster anyways." I had stood strong until one day at Petsmart. A naked rat running like the wind on her wheel caught my eye. And, mostly jokingly, I said we could get a rat. I guess I have good memories of the book, The Rats of Nimh, and when I was a kid, my brother had commented that rats were great pets. My brother had had a pet mouse, and he apparently thought highly of rats.

Anyways, in a whirlwind, our shopping cart was filled up with all of the fixings we thought our new pets would need. With just blind luck, we ended up with good supplies and two healthy female rats, and they weren't even pregnant. Thank you Petsmart

Rats are sooooo social that they need companionship or they will be ill. We ended up with two because Skip wanted his own rat. He might have read something in the rat book that both of us had been skimming desperately to minimize our cluelessness. I, on the other hand, was just thrilled that we averted catastrophe by getting two rats.

The Rats
Curly is the beautiful hairless one, and she's smart and bosses her buddy around. Patches is the furry one. And they are just so personable that they just had to have their own blog.

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