Monday, June 14, 2010

Veterinarian Care

One of the first things I did when we got the rats was to find them a vet. I've been planning to have them be seen by the Wilton Vet because I knew they did exotics. But, years ago I had seen them for my dog and had been more impressed with their ability to spend my money than their actual vet care. They were obviously marketing themselves for the wealthy people that live around here.

Well, I had dismissed the vet that was less than a mile from our house because I just presumed that they must only serve cats and dogs. This weekend at the Georgetown fair, I stopped by the georgetown vet booth.

I wish I had a picture. The vet had her macaw there. His name was Pogo. (He had only one leg, grins the perfect pirate parrot) And, they were handing out dog/cat/bird treats. I'd picked up a bird treat and asked if I could take it. The vet asked me if I had a bird, and I said, well.... I have rats. And, the vet grinned from ear to ear, and started stuffing bird treats into a bag for my rats, and of course, she encouraged us to have her rats see her for the annual checkups and bring some poop, too... ewwww

So, I checked out their website... and It looks really good. The vet apparently really is an expert in exotics. Now, I feel lame for just dismissing the nearby vet.

So,hopefully, soon I will be reporting on how their first vet visit goes.

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