Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Photos Finally

Oh, the rittles had a most excellent Christmas this year. The theme was traditional red/green for the top section of their cage, and Winter Wonderland for the bottom section. We'd given them a box of kleenex wrapped in tissue paper of course and that was a hit, given the glee with which they emptied and papered their home with it. There's an ice skating rink with red/green peppers and peas frozen within it in the bottom section. I had also made them Christmas shapes of dog/rat bisquits. Those disappeared like magic. Oh, and there were presents under their tree. The little origami boxes were filled with yogies, chocolate chips and a wooden block.

I am looking forward to next year's Christmas already which is kind of scary. But, it was so fun that I'm thinking about themes already.

Doctor is investigating the wrapped box of kleenex, and one of the gingerbread dog/rat bisquits is nearby.

Mabel munching on a cranberry from their popcorn garland. This is definitely going to be done again as they devoured the whole thing, and stringing popcorn garland for a cage is much easier than for a tree.

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