Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Werewolf Paws

Here's Doctor demonstrating ..... Werewolf Paws. Since he's our only rat that is a self pattern, he's our only rat with dark fur on his paws. All of our other rats have "white gloves." He's in mid wash if you are trying to figure out what he's doing.
He also has the cutest belly. I will need to get a photo of that cute belly. Since he's self pattern, his belly is a continuation of the rest of his coloring except its lighter.

Mabel has a similar belly, since she barely has any of her white pattern being the Irish pattern that she is. She just has a patch of white fur on her belly.

This is a baby picture of Mabel's Irish pattern.

And, here's Mabel demanding to have some soda. (We actually don't let her drink soda for concern that she may get an upset tummy from being unable to belch being a rat and all.) And, you can sort of see her cute little "white gloves" and her colored belly. No werewolf paws on Mabel.

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