Saturday, January 14, 2012

Introducing- Bittles

I've mentioned a lot about the rittles but who is Bittle. Bittle is our Catahoulan Leopard Dog who loves the rats. Her full name is Little Bit but we often call her, Bittle.

I guess I should get a picture of her with her head in it. That's Doctor, by the way, standing next to her. Oh, she's 65 pounds of doggy goodness.

Jumpy backseat driving Bittle as Bittle goes for a walk.

Bittle being a horse for Patches.

One of my favorite photos of Bittle. Sigh, I have somehow neglected to show you a pretty picture of her face.

Yes, those are Bittle's beautiful blue eyes, and one of her favorite squeaky toys. She likes them small. Having rats and dogs and letting them to play together is without a doubt risky, but it can be done depending on the dog and always with close supervision.

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