Monday, July 16, 2012

Critter Nation Cage Setup

I was perusing my photo album and stumbled across this photo.

The upstairs was set-up as a "jungle gym." This was back when I was thinking that if Walter could just exercise, he would lose weight. The more I read about rat nutrition the more I am convinced that Walter is just genetically predisposed to be fat. He's likely related to Zucker rats which are used in obesity research. Sad thought, eh? My rat is fat because he was bred to be fat so that scientists could learn about obesity in humans.

Anyways, I'm thinking about putting them on a low complex carbohydrate diet to see if that would get Walter to lose weight, since apparently that's what works for Zucker rats.

Wow, I blabbed about the "jungle gym" there. We still keep lots of activities in the cage, but we took down the ropes. The rats wouldn't climb on those. I think I need to use shorter and taut stretches of the rope.

Here's downstairs. In this case, it's done up as the lounge (places to sleep but no food)

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