Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Current Sewing Project - A pair of trousers for relaxing.

I couldn't call them pants because my father pointed out that the term pants is like panties and essentially refers to undergarments. And, I couldn't call them slacks because to me, slacks are sleek and professional and these are for relaxing. So, these are going to be my relaxing trousers.

Yip, surprise surprise. I'm actually sewing something for myself.

Now, I may sew lots and lots of cage liners and hammocks, but clothing. Nope. One of the things I enjoy about sewing is learning new things. And, for this project, it was buttonholes.

My poor Singer 66. It was put on the sidelines for the buttonholing. And, I missed it sorely. The 66 is so NOT complicated. I'm not saying buttonholing is complicated per se. By the way, the tangles of thread that are visible above in my buttonhole practice piece are ummm not examples of my frustration with buttonholes. Anyways, I improved with practice. Two hours for 2 buttonholes. Sigh. It will go faster next time.

And, here's where I am now. I should be finishing this tonight. I only have the waist band and hemming to go. I'm really pleased with the "trousers" so far. I'm loving how the front is fancier than the back, and I've matched up the lines fairly well. By the way, the fabric is from an old duvet cover that I obtained at a garage sale.

Oh, and I do have a whole bunch of hammocks lined up for sewing.

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