Friday, July 20, 2012

Mabel and Rose have Pneumonia

We almost lost Mabel to pneumonia, but she's a trooper and hung in there until her medications kicked in.

I don't have any pictures when she was horribly sick. Taking pictures was the last thing we were thinking about.

Here's Mabel, the day after she began treatment. This picture made me so happy, because she was comfortable enough to curl up and sleep. The picture does not show that you could see her breathe as her tummy sucked in to move air in and out of her lungs.

I, also, missed the opportunity to get a picture of her xray. It was pretty scary her right lung was completely socked in, and her left lung had air but also had evidence of severe pneumonia. Her pulse ox was 84%, the poor thing. Her vet didn't think she would make it through the night.

Mabel spent the day sprawled on my chest. Most of the time she needed me to support her. If I put her in the cage with her buddies, she would crawl to the door and look at me, so I kept putting her back on my chest.

We returned to the vet the next day, and she was so surprised to see Mabel alive. Mabel was feeling a lot better and actually nipped the vet after she took her temperature. LOL Mabel, even when ill, is still a punk. Later, the vet wanted to show Mabel to the other vet because apparently both of them didn't expect her to survive the night. And, of course, Mabel nipped the other vet, too.

By the way, she's always been a nipper. If you don't pay attention to Mabel, she will gently grasp your skin. So, apparently, she will use the same technique when you're a vet and bothering her.

Rose, also, has pneumonia, but no where as severe as Mabel.

I do have some cute youtube videos of medicating Mabel and Rose.

Mabel's Video - Mabel takes her medications easily.

Rose's Video - Rose demonstrates the hard way to take medications.

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