Monday, August 20, 2012

How I Ended Up Using a Chocolate Filled Syringe for Rat Training

I obtained the idea for using a syringe for rat training from this

When you watch the video,the first thing you will hear is a high-pitched beeping sound. This is actually the sound of the clicker the trainer is using. My rats would be shivering in fear with such a loud bleep, but it makes me wonder if using my iPhone to beep might not be a good option as a clicker.

Above picture is from and depicts baby African Giant Pouched Rats being socialized.

The video is from a wonderful organization, APOPO aka Hero Rats. They use African Giant Pouched Rats for mine detection and tuberculosis detection. Apparently, they are working on using rats for finding human victims of disasters (CameRats).

My rats are Rattus Norwegicus (Norway Rats) and, of course, are much smaller and sadly, mine have a shorter life span. But, my little guys should definitely be able to learn a few tricks, if their big cousins can learn how to find a mine and save lives.

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