Monday, August 5, 2013

Singer Feet / Attachments are the Coolest Toys for Your Sewing Machine

This is a Singer Ruffler Part # 120598.  These are the coolest things.  It's amazing how these gadgets work.

Anyways, I found a great resource today.  Check out Singer's Presser Feet Instructions  I love Singer's vintage versions of these, and I'd thought the modern versions would be lame.  But they are NOT.  So, very NOT lame.  For each presser foot there's a PDF and a video which shows you how to use them and provides ideas for projects.

Keep in mind that although some of the "modern" feet are just like vintage feet, some are different.  And, of course, I would be extremely cautious using a vintage foot on a modern zig zag machine if it lacks a big enough throat for those zig zaggy needles to zig zag within.

By the way, this is my current favorite vintage sewing instruction booklet.  This one actually has quite a bit of information on presser feet even though it is focused on dress making.  Oh, and it has the most delightful illustrations.  I kept having to figure out whether they were depicting a Singer 66 or a Singer 15-91.  It seems that Singer tended to alternate between the machines for the illustrations.

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