Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vintage Puzzles - Surprisingly Fun and Educational

I'd been planning to post this before I sold the puzzle, but oops.  It sold.

 Have you ever wondered why we call Jigsaw puzzles, "jigsaw"?

It's extremely obvious when you look at this old puzzle.  This puzzle was made by gluing an illustration to a piece of plywood and then, cut it into the 300 pieces with a jig saw following a wiggly course that cuts out the puzzle pieces.

In order to sell it I like to confirm that we have all of the pieces which means we HAD to put it together.  How horrible.  Our work was putting together a puzzle.  Giggles.  Anyways, this puzzle was a particular challenge.  The large areas of green were very challenging, and a plywood puzzle has a heck of a lot more wriggle room for each piece.  This means that pieces that are supposed to fit together don't always look like they fit together until you put them together.  Fortunately, you can actually use the grain of the plywood to help orient and confirm placement of pieces.

I, also, had a eureka moment when I figured out how the carpenter cut the pieces.  I figure that you can use the same pattern when quilting a quilt.  I'm going to have to try that out.  Giggles... Another test hammock for Daryl....

P.S. I found this puzzle in a pile of modern puzzles at a church tag sale.  I just love church tag sales.

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