Friday, August 16, 2013

Tomorrow August 17, 2013 is BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY

This is an old photo of Doc who passed away this spring from old age.  I guess I could have scrounged up a photo of Philip whose my current black rat.  But, Doc is special.  He was a true black rat.  He went a tad grey in his old age, but he didn't have any patches of white hair.  He was a black self.

So, since tomorrow (August 17, 2013) is Black Cat Appreciation Day, Doc in the spirit of inter-species cooperation is my posthumous spokesrat.

In the photo, Doc is smiling from ear to ear as he's nomming his favorite pumpkin seeds.  You can even see his ears crinkling.

Apparently, black cats are difficult to adopt because of our cultural beliefs that black cats are unlucky.  This reminds me of the general public's attitude toward rats in general.  But, in addition, rat rescues have problems getting plain rats adopted.  Indeed, Doc is the epitome of plain rat.  And, he was adopted from Mainely Rat Rescue.

So, next time, you see a black cat give them a hug for Black Cat Appreciation Day.  Indeed, Little Bit, my dog, I'm sure will hug the next black cat she sees since she's buddy buddy with the neighbor's black cats.

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