Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blue Kitty Cat Pouch

A Quick little project
A little zippered pouch with a hand embroidered kitty cat face and blue gingham ears.  It's about 5" x 4".

 My inspiration is from a free Japanese tutorial which is from the Purring Twisting blog (at least, that's what the translation says).  I drafted my own pattern because I thought I was going to be making a different size, but my little pouch is essentially 12 cm which is what the original tutorial is.
Oops I didn't rotate this photo.  Here, the front has already been embroidered and I've attached the ears.  They just need a trimming.  I wasn't following the original instructions as they direct you to cut the ears to size from the pattern and then, sew the ears onto the face.

Here the front has the ears trimmed, and it is already looking quite cute.

These last two photos are of my fabric choices.  The one on the left has the zipper and the lining.
After, the front piece was all sewed together, I sandwiched the whole thing together with its zipper and turned it into a pouch.  I'm quite pleased.  If I make this again, I would adjust the pattern.  The original's rounded bottom makes it cuter.   However, I'm quite pleased with the little kitty cat pouch that I made.

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