Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Super Hammock

I haven't put a super hammock in our cage in several months.  And, so for my current mischief, this is a new experience.  And, they really really love it.  None of them had any difficulty figuring out how to get in and out of the super hammock.

Here's a photo of my first ever super hammock.
 This super hammock is simply a pillow sham.  So, it's doubly cool because my rats could hang out inside the super hammock.
 Here's one of my early pieced hammocks along with my pieced super hammock which you will see in the next photo in the cage.
The trick with super hammocks that are as large as an entire critter nation floor is to make them out of woven fabric.  They sag and stretch a heck of a lot.  So, a woven fabric reduces the sag somewhat.  But, still we try to hang them as taut as we can.

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