Thursday, September 26, 2013

FOUND TOY - Noah's Ark Now Infested with Rats

Here's Walternate modelling his new "hide."  They really like Noah's ark.  There's several large windows which even a fatty rat can squeeze through.  The roof is hinged which is perfect for extracting lazy boys.  Also, it's fairly easy to clean as you can easily unscrew the house portion from the boat portion.

Yesterday, the boys had piled all of their blankies to the roof of the ark, and today, they have removed all except a few blankies from the floor.  Sometimes, they just can't make interior decoration decisions.

Oh, beware of picking the ark up by its handle and putting it on the floor.  I did that yesterday hoping that Walternate would stay inside as I got Smaug out, but no, he decided he would go for a walk.  Sigh.  All of my other rats are scared of the floor, but not Walternate.  He loves going for walks.

How can you find a Noah's Ark for your rats?

Sorry, the bad news is that this is a vintage Noah's Ark.  The new Fisher Price Noah's Arks aren't as convenient for rats.  So, the easiest place to find it is on ebay.  What I did of course was stumble upon it at a garage sale for a dollar.

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