Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's Pumpkin Festival 2013 Time

Welcome to our annual Pumpkin Festival.  Over the years we have learned that pumpkins bought at pumpkin farms last longer than store bought.  So, here are two pumpkins on their way home from Harris Hill Farm.

This is our first year picking pumpkins at Harris Hill Farm.  I was thrilled.  Lots of farm animals, and the pumpkins were actually in a pumpkin patch not hauled to a decorative "pumpkin patch".  The scenery was amazing.
 This year we decided to start with a little bit of pumpkin training.
I'm thrilled to see such enthusiasm for pumpkin carving.

Don't worry, Pumpkin fiesta isn't just about little pumpkins.  They will get their full sized pumpkin.  And, I hope that we will have another year in which the rats carve a pumpkin to the point that they can actually hang out inside the pumpkin.

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  1. Hi fellow rat lover,
    We created a fun video using rat images from pinterest for Halloween. I am researching each image to try and find more back story and credit all the photo takers. It has been great fun finding others who are owned by rattys. Thanks for posting and sharing. Your image was featured in the video called Rats Love Pumpkins - credits are in the photo album.