Monday, October 21, 2013

Stuff on a Rat 2 - Bobbin

Here, Philip models a lovely Singer 66 vintage bobbin.


  1. I am on my laptop finally. Rarely am I on it! I can comment from here! I cannot believe how adorable rats are. Phillip take the cake! I saw this blonde rat today in Petsmart and he was a bit shy but yet curious. The look he gave me - it was pleading for someone to give him a chance. I had to have willpower of the year to walk away from him. Ugh. How I don't have rats in my home already is a mystery. - hammyhappenings

  2. Hi Stormy. I'm thrilled to see your comment. You better watch out or you'll end up with some rats. P.S. I'm sure you have a big enough hamster cage at home that would work as an interim cage for a couple of rats until you end up with a Critter Nation.