Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Something different - Corn bread using corn flour instead of cornmeal.

 Recently, we'd bought some corn flour instead of corn meal because our store lacked corn meal.  After making some corn dogs with it, I really wanted to make corn bread.  I found this lovely recipe at Chow.   I usually keep my recipes on Pinterest, but the recipe lacked a pinnable photo.  So, here are my very own photos that I can pin.
  As you can see in the first photo, I forgot to get a photo of the cornbread uncut.  OOPS.  My cast iron skillet created that scrumptious and lovely crust.  I'd always wanted to do that, and the corn bread is just amazing.  The second photo shows how I served the cornbread with some leftover stew.  It was perfect.  Oh, I also added a small can of green chiles.  I may have to add more next time because the chile flavor was subtle.  I might daringly try an evil jalapeno.  I'm NOT a fan of jalapenos.  They are too stringent.  It's not their heat.  I just prefer the green chile flavor (Anaheim pepper) but I might try a fresh jalapeno.  Hmmmm.

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