Monday, February 13, 2012

Keyboard Protector

So, I made a keyboard protector for my Ipad which often resides in its Rocketfish keyboard.

Why would I need such a thing?

Well, the little ratties like to walk across the keyboard. Ok, that's not particularly horrible, but can lead one to end up sounding like askdhfaugrladk.

However, Doctor.... (Doesn't he look innocent here?)

Doctor can be very obnoxious. He has the uncanny ability to stand on certain buttons. Such as the mute button or the stop button when a movie is showing, and his favorite is to stand on the home button which closes whatever application that you have open.

Also, Jimmy, one day, snapped a key off. Blam, Thank you, maam. I saw her nibbling and then, the key was in her mouth. Fortunately, it was easily repaired. But, the shocking thing was how quick the key was removed, just no time to stop her.

Sooooo, the Keyboard Protector was born.

My Ipad in its Rocketfish....

My Keyboard protector

Essentially, I made an Ipad case that was sized to cover my keyboard. The Ipad does fit inside the protector. But, I did have to put a piece of cardboard inside the protector as Doctor could still type through just the fabric case.

The keyboard protector works well, but as I found out, while trying to watch the simulcast of Walking Dead with 5 rats. The rats can still lean up on the Ipad and close web pages directly. sigh...
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