Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Origami Rat Toys

I found these origami place mats stashed in my kitchen.

I can't even recall why I bought them, so they are now .... rat toys. By the way, these origami placemats would be absolutely awesome for a party with fun-loving adults or even upper elementary school aged kids. Bitten made them, but when I checked the website I couldn't currently find this particular item, so it may no longer be available. And, I have no idea how much they originally were, but they couldn't have been much more than ten dollars.

After ripping off the instructions...

I folded as directed on the printed fold lines. This all seemed straight forward, and it was except for a few folds that it would have been helpful to have known whether a mountain or a valley fold was desired.

This made a cute little dinosaur that if I had used as intended, I would have been able to move its mouth and attack fellow diners. Cool. However,...

Rat Testing Commences....

The poor unsuspecting Doctor's dreams are interrupted by Dinozilla and Bathing Elephant (made by Slytail).

Doctor inspects Dinozilla.

And, in a move faster than the camera shutter, Doctor disposes of Dinozilla.

Dino remains are visible in the background, as Doctor checks out the elephant.

Apparently, Doctor wants to stock up on elephant meat for the winter, so into the hammock the elephant unwillingly goes.

Yum, elephant ear.

A very pleased Doctor settles down to clean the elephant goo off his whiskers.

Origami placemats as a rat toy.

Doctor gave it 4.5 thumbs.

Cost- fairly inexpensive but I don't recall actually price, and origami made with unprinted paper is much cheaper.

Safety/supervision pretty safe and can be used without supervision. The package states food grade but it's printed paper. Some rat owners are leery of printed paper based on not knowing if it's made with a safe dye. This one should be safe for the rats because it is supposedly food grade.

Entertainment- My rats love paper. They love nesting with it. And, it was fun watching Doctor check out his new toys.

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