Saturday, May 12, 2012

Furoshiki Bag

I stumbled across a you tube video demonstrating Furoshiki bags through Pinterest.
So, in the video it states 105 cm. And, I'm like 105 cm, hmmm I wonder if that's 42 inches. After some quick calculations (2.54 cm in an inch), I was like dancing around the room and dashed to my sewing room and grabbed a piece of fabric that was approximately square.
Cool Fact- Standard fabric bolts come in 42 inch or 60 inch widths.
My very own furoshiki bag.

Here, I have loosened the lower knot, so I can peek inside.

I'm so excited about this. Such an easy project. I would need to cut a square and then hem it, and voila. A beautiful and functional purse.
I thought I was done with this post, but then, Skip says what would the purse look like with a rat inside. The models are Walter and Lily. They are shyer than my usual models, but the purple bag demanded blonde rats.

So, of course, I'm now thinking about making a hammockized Furoshiki bag. Also, would these make for a good bonding pouch?
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