Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Quilted Liner - In Progress

The Rittles go through liners like they are tissue paper. We've figured out a few things to slow them down. Quilting the layers, Avoiding hides that have open floors, and certain fabrics are apparently yummy.

I get really bored sewing liners, and, of course, they need a new set, so this time they will get a pieced liner. If it works well, I might make a version of it as a picnic blanket. It would also make a nice baby quilt. You can somewhat see my scribbled plan in the fabric photo.

So, here are the fabrics. I'd wanted it to be southwestern themed, but my pinks were too babyish. I'd actually had the pink fabrics sitting on my desk for a day before I finally accepted that they were not pleasing. So, this is southwest theme, sort of. My other challenge for this liner may be adding some applique.

Then, I cut the fabric into five inch strips. Two strips for the background and one strip for each of the accent fabrics. I'm crossing my fingers that I've calculated properly.

And, then, I went ahead and pinned an accent fabric strip to a background fabric strip.

Tonight, I start sewing my strips together.

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