Sunday, September 16, 2012

My First Project on My "New" Singer 15-91

I wanted the "new" Singer's first project to be simple, so I am making liners for the rats using un-favorite fabric.

This photo has the liner lying on my floral bedspread. You can see my freehand quilting.

I'm fairly pleased with the machine. It sounds like a shaking tambourine and the thread seems to just fly around through all the hooks and such. Comparably the Singer 66 has much more streamline threading. But, I'm having a blast so far.

I found out that apparently 15 bobbins from Walmart are notorious for not working on Singer 15s especially the ones from Dritz. Just guess which kind of bobbins I bought. But, I just have to mention, what the bleep. How can a company sell 15 bobbins that don't work on Singer 15s. It's just WRONG.

Here's the back. The backing is so thin that you can see the fleece through it. /giggles. Didn't I say this is NOT my favorite fabric. You can see some of my tension issues although some of it is due to finding out how fast the machine will go and not ironing the fabric. I also, had to play around with the stitch length. It is a delight to be able to switch the stitch length so easily in comparison to the Singer 66.

My Singer 66 was not completely ignored today. Today, I oiled it more thoroughly than I've done in the past because I learned a lot about oiling while figuring out how to oil the Singer 15.

I cleaned the back medallion. I didn't get a before picture. Mainly because I had no idea what I was doing and was surprised to find all the dirt. It had had dirt outlining all of the details. I cleaned it using a toothbrush and water. The details on the 66 are just awesome.

So, then, I had to clean the Singer 15's back medallion

This clean job was not as striking. But, here's the before....

And, here's after.... I hope you can see that it is significantly shinier.

Also, I spent time taking photos while threading the Singer 66. I'm hoping to create a photo tutorial for threading that machine.

But, I want to share this photo because it vividly depicts the horrible shape my Singer 66's shine coat is in. It actually doesn't look this bad in real life. Under normal lighting conditions, the finish is a fairly cohesive matte finish. None of it really shines in real life. Anyways, the flash is reflecting off the shine coat and that's why the photo shows the lousy condition of the finish.

I'm wondering if someone attempted to remove the finish. The more I look at it the more concerned I become that I need to replace that finish because I'm thinking it needs the finish to protect the metal.
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