Friday, September 21, 2012

Singer 15-91 Update - Bobbin Case Issues

So, here's my new Singer 15-91. I'm still cleaning, fixing, etc., but I have made 3 liners for the rats. There's a big change in the machine if you look closely, but if you can't see the difference. Take a peak at the photo below.

I've replaced the throat plate with a modern one because it's just a pain to not have those lines. This one is cute because they must have rubbed some red something into the engraving. Quite nice.

Now, for my biggest issue right now. The BLEEPING bobbin case....

On the left, is the rusty original bobbin case. Now, one would think the brand spanking new one would work like a charm. But, alas. NO. You see apparently, the shiny smooth (non-rusty) bobbin case catches thread and makes nasty tangles and jams the works. I can get through a project with nice looking stitches with the rusty horrible original bobbin case, but the brand new shiny one jams about every 12 inches of stitching. GRUMBLES.

Here's the part that I think is jamming the works. Just to confuse things, the bobbin case on the left is the new shiny one. The rusty bobbin case has switched sides to the right. So, the bobbin on the left, you may notice is a tad taller. That hook which appears to be part of the door hinge is not as curved as Rusty's.

So, what to do....

Well, I hate to do anything that may lead to loss of function of the machine, so I don't yet want to derust ole Rusty bobbin case.

I want to just bend that piece so that it looks like ole Rusty, but what I will first do is discuss the problem with my handy dandy neighborhood sewing machine store.

This provides me the opportunity to tell you how awesome they are.
Stitch in Time website and their Facebook page. I primarily use their Ridgefield, CT store. A few years ago, I bought my Janome, and you get lifetime sewing machine instruction when you buy a machine from them. But, they are more than just a sewing machine store. They have fabric and every single notion that you can imagine, and a very knowledgable and friendly staff. I spent $30 on the bobbin case and the throat plate. I could have saved a couple of dollars by buying those on Ebay, but I wouldn't have gotten them the next day (and if I'd driven to Darien, CT, I'm sure I could have gotten them same day.) They also steered me towards using plastic 15 bobbins for the Singer 15-91 that way I can interchange them between my Janome and the Singer 15-91, and they work unlike the ones I bought at Walmart.

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