Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Walter the Lazy Mouse - An Awesome Used Book Find

I found a wonderful little book at a used book fair that benefits our local public library. Sadly, the book's cover shows its age and is held together with library tape, but the story... just too cute.

I included a photo of the first pages of the book to demonstrate the loveliness of the illustrations, and the mouse house illustration reminds me of my Critter Nation.

And, here's Walter. I'm not sure that he appreciates his namesake being lazy. I think he's taking it personally. LOL

Anyways, the book's author is Marjorie Flack, and the illustrator is Cyndy Szekeres. The book appears to be from 1963. It's an easy to read chapter book with lots of darling illustrations. Walter, the main character, has many adventures and learns the value of industriousness. Something that I wish my own Walter would learn. Then, maybe he might lose some of his weight.

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