Monday, September 10, 2012

This Week in the Critter Nation - Four Layers in the Crib

I'm about to make more liners, so the Critter Nation remains fairly similar this week.

I call the upcycled record file the "crib". And, this week it has Doctor hanging in the top layer. A hammock covering the wire floor, and the double hammock hanging from the bottom of the "crib". We also have the big teal ball from their tunnel set in the upper floor this week.

Martha says, "hi" from the top layer of the "crib".

Mabs says "hi". I wish she was perfectly in focus because that would be an awesome photo.

Downstairs in the Critter Nation.

Walter being adorable.

Walter being cleaned by Mabel.

Isn't Mabel cute in her almost full coat of hair? Her fur will probably fall out soon. Sigh. She being a rex and all.

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